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GET closer to your customers

Shared browsing in real time

Upgrade a phone conversation with a video chat

Guide your customers & Draw to highlight

Share documents securely

With our advanced hybrid collaborative screen share technology you can give sales presentations, share files and fill out forms, directly from your website – without the need of downloading any software or plugins. It’s as easy as clicking a button on your website.

EASY TO Integrated into ANY web SITE

No software installation or configuration needed

Runs on all browsers & devices

Works well with the tools you already use

Fully customizable


Our service meets 100% of security requirements and guarantees protection of your information. You only see the website, nothing else.

Only the person who started the session has access to session secrets. Others who join your session only get access to the content that they are allowed to see, with optional data filtering and removal options. 

Connecting with your customers over the phone or by chat can be tricky sometimes.
Especially when you try to guide them through your website. Miscommunication is lurking on the horizon, so it is important to create a bond of trust and bring your agents closer to your customers. With shared session you can create an in-person experience with your customers and connect to them seamlessly. Launch a shared session and instantly see your customer issues or illustrate a concept without a hitch. Quick and simple!

Support Teams

Provide better and effective customer support by getting a real-time look on your customer’s screen. Support agents can work together with customers to fill in forms, change account settings or purchase items online.


Improve your effectiveness and deliver expert and personalized information to your customers seamlessly. 

Use shared session to advise your clients online, show product’s features, fill in forms together, show and explain an offer and have them buy immediately online. 

Sales Teams

Harness the power of co-browsing to close more deals. Ensure the ultimate customer experience by working together with customers in financial services, online travel, e-commerce, etc. Finalize all the steps in the sales process.

Shared browsing session is perfect to be used as a remote advisor tool to sell your products and services.

Redefine Your Service For The New Era

Customer service principles are timeless, but consumer expectations are certainly not. Customers have always expected effective and efficient service but with today’s technological developments, expectations are even higher.

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